A new paperback by Professor Simon Dyson Sickle Cell and the Social Sciences: Health, Racism and Disablement Abingdon, Oxon and New York: Routledge was published in April 2021.

   Picture of Front Cover of Book Sickle Cell and Social Sciences

A website launching the book with a series of lectures and workshops by Professor Dyson is available here:


Table of Contents


  1. Sickle Cell and the Simplifications of Science
  2. Why Genes are not “For” Sickle Cell
  3. A Long History of Sickle Cell: Sickle Cell and Malaria
  4. A Short History of Sickle Cell: The Twentieth Century in the US
  5. Sickle Cell and Athletes
  6. Sickle Cell and Deaths in State Custody
  7. Ethnicity and Sickle Cell
  8. Genetic Carriers and Antenatal Screening
  9. Newborn Screening (Ghana)
  10. SCD and the Social Model of Disability (Nigeria)
  11. Sickle Cell and Social Policy: The Case of SCD and Schools


Epilogue (Sickle Cell, Climate Change and Mass Migration)

22 Figures and Photographs

7 Tables