Lecture Series

An online lecture series with workshops

This programme of lectures and workshops on the social aspects of sickle cell is aimed at university-level students. It is given by Professor Dyson and based on the book Sickle Cell and the Social Sciences. There are twelve lectures in the series, ranging in length from 30-50 minutes, together with a number of associated workshops. The workshops go into more background detail on particular issue: They are freely available at: https://sickle.our.dmu.ac.uk/


Introductory Lecture: Basics of Sickle Cell

Lecture 1: Sickle Cell and the Simplifications of Science

Lecture 2: Why Genes are not “For” Sickle Cell

Lecture 3: A “Long” History of Sickle Cell: Sickle Cell and Malaria

Lecture 4: A “Short” History of Sickle Cell: Sickle Cell in 20th Century USA

Lecture 5: Sickle Cell Trait and Deaths in Athletics and the Military

Lecture 6:Sickle Cell and Deaths in Custody (State Contact)

Lecture 7: Ethnicity, Migration and Sickle Cell

Lecture 8: Genetic Carriers and Ante-Natal Screening

Lecture 9: Newborn Screening: Lessons from Ghana

Lecture 10: SCD and the Social Model of Disability: Lessons from Nigeria

Lecture 11: Sickle Cell in Schools

Lecture 12: Sickle Cell and Employment